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With a great setting in the sunny South East, Carlow offers an eclectic mix of lively festivals.  Not-to-be-missed         
are historical sites and relaxing countryside. The River Barrow and dramatic Blackstairs Mountains will impress.

Some places of interest in County Carlow include:

Altamont Gardens

Altamont Gardens - widely respected as the jewel in Ireland’s gardening crown, are an enchanting blend of
formal and informal gardens, combined with riverside walks. They are set close to the N80 - 9kms from
Tullow - in the Carlow countryside.

Carlow Castle

Carlow Castle, is now a ruin standing on the eastern bank of the River Barrow. It is thought to have been
built by William de Marshal (Earl of Pembroke and Lord of Leinster between 1207 and 1213).

Haroldstown Dolmen

Haroldstown Dolmen, a well preserved example of a portal dolmen is in Tullow County Carlow.

Huntington Castle and Gardens

The 17th century Huntington Castle, was an early O’Kavanagh stronghold and is the backdrop for a number
of feature films. The famed Yew Tree walk, lime tree avenue and water features, are just some of the features
of this castle’s delightful gardens.

Carlow County Museum

The County Museum contains a growing collection of over 5,000 artefacts that represent a wide range of periods
and topics.

Carlow Town

Carlow Town is a vibrant college and market town. It stands at the confluence of the Rivers Barrow and Burrin.
Tradition has it that the junction of the rivers once covered such a large area of ground that a lake was formed,
or as some believe, four lakes; hence the Gaelic word for Carlow - “Ceatharloch” – or ‘Four Lakes’. Carlow is
located equidistant between Dublin & Waterford and enjoys easy access from junctions 4 through to 6 of the
M9 motorway.

Some places of note in the town may include:

Duckett's Grove and Walled Gardens

Situated just outside Carlow town and originally a Georgian home of a noted Anglo-Irish family, Duckett’s Grove
was rebuilt in a flamboyant, Gothic revival style.

Carlow Cathedral

Located next to St Patrick’s College in Carlow Town, this early 19th-century cathedral was the first to be built
after Catholic emancipation. It contains a statue dedicated to Bishop James Doyle, who was a champion of
Catholic rights who is buried there.

Oak Park Forest Park

Situated on the outskirts of Carlow Town, the Oak Park Forest Park is a mature mixed species woodland of
over 120 acres with a predominance of Beech, Oak, Scots Pine, Silver Fir, Larch and Sycamore.

Brownshill Dolmen

Mysterious and majestic, the Brownshill Dolmen has held the imagination of visitors for centuries. Located
3km east of Carlow town, the capstone of this magnificent megalithic tomb is believed to be the largest in
Europe, weighing in at some 103 tons.

County Carlow Military Museum

The County Carlow Military Museum is located in a late 19th century Church in Carlow Town. The museum
has a varied range of exhibits relating to Carlow's military history.  
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