TRIM VISITOR CENTRE  - Housed in the Old Town Hall building is Trim Medieval Armoury. History brought back to life in an exciting way for everyone to engage with.  Step back in time and hold a real sword, try on a Norman helmet and feel real chainmail.  The Visitor Centre also has a tourist information point, a gift shop and a coffee station.

TRIM CASTLE - The finest Norman Castle in Ireland, started by Hugh de Lacy in 1173. Almost uniquely for a Norman Castle of this scale in Europe, it has scarcely been modified since it was completed in the 13th century.  Over the centuries Trim Castle was adapted to suit the domestic needs of its owners and the changing political climate.  However, much of its fabric has remained unchanged since the height of Anglo-Norman power in Ireland.  Even today when standing within the walls of the castle visitors can get the sense of security that would have been felt by the de Lacy
family in a hostile landscape.  Although, standing outside the walls you can sense the intimidation that must surely have been felt by the native population.

SHEEP’S GATE - The last remaining gate in a ruined section of the town walls which were built by Geoffrey de Geneville, who occupied Trim Castle during its hey day in the second half of the 13th century.

TALBOT CASTLE/ST. MARY’S ABBEY - Built in 1415, the basement of the castle is believed to be an adapted remnant of the Abbey of St. Mary.  Access by permission only.

THE YELLOW STEEPLE  - Belfry tower of the Augustinian Abbey of St. Mary, rebuilt after a fire in 1368, takes its name from the golden colour at sunset. This was the site of an important pilgrimage in honour of a miraculous image of the Virgin Mary until the Reformation.
ST. PATRICK’S CATHEDRAL -  The 15th century church tower containing medieval grave stones is now attached to a 19th century church, behind which part of the 16th century chancel survives.

THE BLACK FRIARY - is the site of a Dominican Friary founded by Geoffrey de Geneville, Lord of Trim, in 1263. The friary was mostly destroyed in the 18th century but the ruins of the buildings are visible on the site. There is an on-going programme of archaeological investigation at the site, with excavation work carried out during summer months

SS PETER & PAUL CATHEDRAL - Founded close to the temporal power of Trim Castle by the Norman Bishop Simon de Rochfort in 1206, after his cathedral at Clonard was burned down, only a part of the original nave and chancel survive.  This was the largest Gothic Church in Ireland.  Part of the ruined Priory of Augustinian Cannons, which was
established to maintain the Cathedral, also survives.  See the tomb of the Jealous Man and Woman.  Place a metal pin between the figures, as the pin rusts your warts will disappear.

HOSPITAL OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST  - This foundation of the Crusador Order of Crutched Friars was also established by Simon de Rochfort in the early 13th Century.
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